9 reasons why we need intersectionality in LGBTI advocacy
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Stemming from feminist theory, intersectionality is a term used to address various intersections of oppression, injustice and discrimination. Want to know why we need intersectionality in LGBTI advocacy? Here are 9 reasons why!



  1. It helps us to acknowledge multiple layers of our identities, privileges and disadvantages
  2. By doing so, it enables us to recognise inequalities that stem from intersecting forms of oppression
  3. It allows us to claim our voice, subjectivity and agency, and to shape our narratives
  4. It helps us shake the institutional systems by identifying invisibilities and pointing out gaps
  5. It encourages us to work towards more inclusive social movements
  6. It creates opportunities for dialogue
  7. It motivates us to work for equity at the institutional, community and societal level
  8. It encourages solidarity to combat all forms of oppression
  9. It makes our LGBTI communities blossom in a great diversity

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