Aigerim Kamidola

Aigerim Kamidola (she/her) is a Junior Professional Consultant on UN Treaty Bodies, Special Procedures and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at ILGA World.

She is an independent consultant in international human rights law, interdisciplinary research and practices with a focus on discrimination and hate speech against women and LGBT people in Kazakhstan. Her expertise spans across-the-board grassroots advocacy work at national and international levels. Among notable results of this work is the repeal of the legal ban on employment of women in over 200 occupations in 2021, withdrawal of the so-called ‘Anti-Gender’ Bill in the Parliament in 2020, repeal of the discriminatory by-laws on so-called ‘gay propaganda’ in 2019, launch of sexuality education platform for teenagers in 2021, provision of legal support on discrimination, freedom of assembly and association cases, including in a landmark decision at the Supreme Court upholding the privacy rights of a lesbian couple in Kazakhstan in 2019.

Aigerim has an academic background in international human rights law and interdisciplinary studies with prior experience in strategic litigation, provision of direct support to human rights defenders, and capacity building in Central Asia and the wider post-soviet region.

Aigerim is a graduate of the Edinburgh Law School, a Visiting Scholar at the Columbia University Institute for the Study of Human Rights in 2020-2021. She also holds a joint master’s degree in international human rights policy and practices from the Pedro Arrupe Human Rights Institute, the University of Gothenburg, and the University of Roehampton.