Call for inputs: “Our Identities Under Arrest”
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ILGA World's Research Programme is working on the second edition of "Our Identities Under Arrest": A Global Overview on the Enforcement of Laws Criminalising Consensual Same-Sex Sexual Acts Between Adults and Diverse Gender Expressions.

The essence of this report revolves around documenting and systematising:

  • information on how State agents are enforcing these provisions;
  • trends in the use of these criminalising provisions and attitudes documented at the local level by organisations and reliable sources;
  • public statements made by local authorities regarding the enforcement of these provisions, providing insights into official perspectives, and
  • examples of instances of enforcement, aiming to cover as many cases as possible.

This report has proven an invaluable resource for human rights defenders and legal experts in drafting Country of Origin Information (COI) research reports and assisting asylum seekers and legal aid providers in several countries and has starkly revealed to readers the harm of criminalising legislation even within jurisdictions claiming not to enforce these laws.

Our expanded second edition contains more than 1,000 examples of criminal enforcement from more than 70 countries between January 2000 and June 2023, but these cases are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Where data remains fragmentary or non-existent, criminalising governments and anti-SOGIE detractors continue to operate with impunity.

Thus, ILGA World calls for inputs from human rights defenders, researchers, and legal professionals working in criminalising jurisdictions. If you or your organisation has worked on or experienced any of the following

  • Examples of arrest or arbitrary detention on the basis of SOGIE-status.
  • Examples of violence or abuse from police or government officials.
  • Court cases, pending or concluded, against persons of diverse SOGIE.
  • Prison sentences, fines, or other punishments meted out against persons of diverse SOGIE

Please get in touch with [email protected] before 8 September 2023.

Persons and organisations offering assistance will be credited in the publication, should they feel safe to have such information published. The anonymity of those with security concerns will always be prioritised.

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