ILGA World launches toolbox to combat ‘conversion therapies’


How can civil society organisations, key allies and policy makers join forces to ban ‘conversion therapies’? Which tools do they have available?

Today ILGA World launched its Toolbox to combat so-called ‘conversion therapies’: this publication offers a clear summary of legal tools, public policy tools and key allies available to ban or restrict these harmful practices that cause so much damage, pain and loss across the world.

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Toolbox to combat so-called 'conversion therapies'

toolbox: in English - in Spanish
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Discussions taking place locally and globally agree that laws alone do not have the capacity to tackle the problem comprehensively: restricting ‘conversion therapies’ can only happen effectively together with measures creating awareness among the general public and health professionals, ensuring that bans and restrictions are actually implemented, providing  support to survivors and communicating ethically on the subject, among many other initiatives.

With this toolbox, ILGA World aims to contribute to these discussions by systematising many of the measures that have already been adopted in various countries, offering a roadmap for civil society organisations, key allies and policy makers working on legal matters and State public policies. Not all tools will be relevant to all contexts; many of them, however, can serve as inspiration to replicate good practices and even generate new tools that may not have been included on this list.

This toolbox is based on Chapter 6 of Curbing Deception: A world survey on legal regulation of so-called “conversion therapies” a report published by ILGA World in February earlier this year. For more information and sources supporting this toolkit, readers can access the report on our website.

As our Co-Secretaries General stated, “too many lives have been ruined and many others will be if these inhumane attempts of so-called ‘conversion therapies’ are not stopped”. We expect that this toolbox will contribute to the work of those who are determined to make this hope come true once and for all.


The image shows the ILGA World toolbox to combat 'conversion therapies'

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