The health, safety and well-being of the public and visitors is our highest priority.

We continuously monitor the global health situation, and are taking health precautions in the preparation of the ILGA World conference. Throughout the process, we will follow all relevant institutional and governmental rules, regulations, and restrictions for the containment of the pandemic.

We have been following a contingency plan over the last few months, including making decisions on whether the conference would go ahead or be cancelled or postponed.

In October 2021, a decision was made by the ILGA World board confirming the holding of the ILGA World Conference in LA Long Beach in May 2022. There will be arrangements for some digital participation in the conference.

Please follow this link to consult the latest version of our Covid-19 safety protocol

(updated: December 2021)

A billboard on a building facing an empty street reads: Wash your hands, love each other

A billboard on a building facing an empty street reads:
"Wash your hands, love each other"
Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash


All decisions about Covid-19 protocols will be based on considerations about

  • the health and safety of participants
  • current regulations in place in California and the United States
  • the logistical feasibility of delivering the conference under Covid-19 regulations
  • the ability for the conference to have diverse participation from all regions
  • the need to allow the membership to meet to conduct its governance processes.


  • In making travel and accommodation arrangements, we strongly advise you to make cancellable bookings. We also strongly advise you to ensure that you have health insurance covering you for Covid-19 and other health emergencies in the United States.

To make the conference safer for everyone, ILGA World may ask participants to abide by stricter regulations than will be required by local regulations.

Further useful information:

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data tracker – Covid-19 community transmission level (California)
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