Denn Ix Gontow

Denn Ix Gontow (they/them) is the Programme Manager – Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Sex Characteristics (GIESC) at ILGA World.

They are a Human Rights lawyer and activist from São Paulo, Brazil, with over 14 years of experience managing complex international advocacy programmes and sustaining local, regional, and global LGBTI, feminist, HIV, and sex worker activists. Effective catalyst, leader, mentor, advocate, and collaborator in the Human Rights field, especially philanthropy and non-profit.

Puta feminista, they came from the Brazilian movement of sex workers and migrated in 2010 to Europe, where they worked as a migrant sex worker. Before joining the Red Umbrella Fund, they served the Fund's Programme Advisory Committee. Further, at COC Netherlands, they managed the trans and intersex portfolio of the PRIDE and Bridging the Gaps strategic partnerships and worked closely with trans and intersex groups and networks in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Over the years, they led Human Rights training for LGBTI and sex worker activists and facilitated their engagement in international and regional human rights mechanisms. In addition, they have commissioned research for NSWP and HIV Young Leaders Fund and is passionate about community-led research methodologies. Currently, they are a member of the Leadership Award Committee of Accountability International.

Denn holds an LL.B in Laws at Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (Brazil), an LL.M in International Human Rights Law at Tilburg University (Netherlands), and a specialisation in Sexuality, Gender and Rights at the University of Amsterdam and CREA. They are an Associate Professor at the KIT Royal Tropical Institute's Master of Public Health and guest lecturer at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. They are co-author of the book Capacity Building & Awareness Raising: a European Guide with Strategies for the Empowerment of Sex Workers and published multiple articles at the philanthropic magazine Alliance. They speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch.

Outside of work, they are a tantric healing therapist, a member of the Radical Faery community, a tarot reader, and a samba enthusiast.