Doug A. Graffeo

Doug A. Graffeo (they/them) is a Junior Consultant for the Gender Identity & Expression and Sex Characteristics Programme at ILGA World. 

They are a human geographer and social scientist with over 10 years of experience in the fields of LGBTQI advocacy and activism. Their research focuses on the intersections between power, hegemonies, and LGBTQI identities, examining how global, local, and community-level sociopolitical dynamics impact the lives of LGBTQI collectives worldwide. 

Through their research endeavours with non-binary individuals and queer and trans migrants, Doug aims to shine a light on the effects of harmful power differentials on the affective experiences of belonging, wellbeing, and survival of these communities. In addition, Doug also has experience facilitating workshops, support groups, and peer counseling sessions for LGBTQI teens and people living with HIV. 

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Doug first volunteered with local NGOs before moving to Toronto, Canada to complete their university studies, eventually obtaining their Master of Arts in Human Geography and Sexual Diversity Studies from the University of Toronto. In addition to their engagements in social and community work, Doug also enjoys the worlds of drag, gender bending, and the makeup arts, understanding them as catalysts for gender expression and self-determination.