[HRC45 side event] The impact of faith on LGBTI people during the pandemic


Human Rights Council
side event:
The impact of faith on LGBTI people during the COVID-19 pandemic

Date: Monday 28 September 2020
Time: 2:00 PM Central European Summer Time

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We believe that today, more than ever, it is crucial to differentiate between individuals’ and communities’ expression of faith and belief, and the politicization of religion. We have also seen religious leaders and communities advocate for the most marginalised, including sexual and gender minorities. Indeed, in parallel to this trend of increasing authoritarianism and fundamentalism, we have also seen increased resistance, including from faith and belief communities and leaders, rising to the occasion, supporting the LGBTI+ community and reclaiming space for them, as well as for other minority groups. Amid this violence and in this hostile atmosphere, some faith and belief leaders and communities have shown up for minority groups. In the context of COVID-19, the world witnessed the many calls for unity expressed by religious leaders taking action in solidarity with those of all faiths to address vulnerabilities within our societies. They have demonstrated again that faith traditions and communities can offer us hope, as they support us to seek to live with dignity and fight against oppression in all its forms.
This side event will seek to explore these examples and stories.



Caroline Ausserer (Journalist, Germany)

Opening remarks by:

  • Ambassador Khan, Permanent Mission of Fiji


  • Tarek Zeidan (Helem, Lebanon)
  • Noor Sultan (Bedayaa Organization, Egypt)
  • Nicolás Panotto (GEMRIP, Chili)
  • Pearl Wong (Queer Theology Academy, Hong Kong)
  • Ishmael Bahati (PEMA Kenya)
  • Kakay Pamaran (Union Theological Seminary, Philippines)
  • Anwar Ogrm (TGEU, France)
  • Dr Leli Biumaitotoya (Transgenders Fiji Network)
  • Misza Czerniak (European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups, Poland/Russia)

Concluding remarks by:

Victor Madrigal-Borloz, UN Independent Expert on SOGI


The event is co-sponsored by: 

Fiji, Canada

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