Jingle Jam 2021: stream, fundraise for LGBTIQ rights!
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The Jingle Jam 2021 has kicked off on 1 December, and gamers and streamers worldwide are already supporting LGBTIQ human rights globally!

The world’s biggest games charity event will take place until 14 December 2021, and ILGA World is among the 14 organisations that content creators and their followers will be raising money for. With their donations, gamers worldwide are helping charities advance their work, while receiving the Jingle Jam 2021 Games Collection.

For the first time this year, any creator keen to join in with the Jingle Jam can also set up their own fundraising streams, with their audiences also able to receive the games collection in return for donating to charity.

Follow this link to start your stream
and support our work for LGBTIQ youth at the same time!   


“Over the past five years, the Jingle Jam has given millions of people the opportunity to help ILGA World advance LGBTIQ human rights across the world”, said J. Andrew Baker, coordinator of donor relations at ILGA World. “This year, their donations will support our work on advocacy, campaigning, research and opportunities for LGBTIQ youth.”

“In less than 24 hours since the beginning of Jingle Jam 2021, streamers and gamers managed to raise more than GBP 62,000 for our cause. We are grateful for everyone’s generous contributions: you are truly helping to bring about change!”.

Over the years, donations collected through the Jingle Jam have helped ILGA World to support LGBTIQ youth, to gather our global movements at ILGA World Conferences, and to support our 1,700 member organisations in their fight for equity and equality.

Jingle Jam 2021 is fundraising for projects covering everything from national to global issues  - including access to gaming and sport for people with disabilities, cancer research, tackling structural racism and inequalities, LGBTIQ human rights, environmentalism and sustainability.

Over fifty Jingle Jam streamers are involved in special events - such as cooking, painting, poker, karaoke and more. The event is broadcast on twitch.tv/yogscast and hosted by members of the Yogscast and their friends, and features some of the most popular creators on Twitch and YouTube.

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