(video) LGBTI issues at the 49th UN Human Rights Council


How will LGBTI human rights and SOGIESC issues be addressed during HRC49?

Hear more directly from the ILGA World team in the video, or follow this link to check out the transcription

Transcription of the video

Julia Ehrt (Executive Director)

Hello everyone! Two years have passed since we first heard of Covid-19, and everything in our lives had to adapt to a new reality: we know these past two years have been extremely difficult to navigate for many of us, but we have made it this far, together!

And finally it’s great to see you again! And when I say that, I mean it literally: after two years of Covid-19 restrictions, the Human Rights Council is going back to in-person meetings!

The 49th session of the Human Rights Council will happen at the Palais des Nations at the United Nations in Geneva, will go from February 28th to April 1st, 2022,As always, your ILGA family will be here standing strong with LGBTI activists and civil society to support for our communities.

Gabriel Galil (Senior Programme Officer)

Here are how things will work.

The council will start with three days of high-level segments: this is when States’ dignitaries share about the national efforts to promote and protect human rights. We will be following closely to track how sexual orientation; gender identity and expression and sex characteristics have been included in these national human rights efforts.

Aigerim Kamidola (Junior Professional Consultant) 

We are going to participate in different thematic and interactive dialogues, and we will especially focus on two issues. First, how discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics often underpins torture and ill-treatment against people in our communities; and second, the situation of LGBTI persons with disabilities.


Guillermo Ricalde (Consultant – UN Special Procedures and SDGs)

Important resolutions will be negotiated at this session that directly or indirectly touch upon issues that our communities face as access to housing, the protection of human rights defenders, the rights of the child, and the rights of persons with disabilities. We will be following these negotiations and following how human rights standards connected to our issues will be developed.


Gabriel Galil

Finally, we will also deliver statements about human rights of LGBTI persons in the General Debates and at UPR Outcome sessions, ensuring the voices of our communities are heard at the UN.


Daniele Paletta (Communications manager)

Throughout the 49th Human Rights Council, ILGA World will be there looking out for our communities and making sure that our voices are heard.
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