Luz Elena Aranda


Luz Elena Aranda is a bisexual artivist. She studied Dramatic Literature at UNAM and Ethnology at ENAH, in addition to a technical career in Production in Media and Communication at the Ansel Adams Photography School.

She is the General Director of Las Reinas Chulas Cabaret and Human Rights AC and Director of the International Cabaret Festival. She has worked in different organizations, including ProDesarrollo, Finanzas and Microempresa (where she developed the theatre component for the Methodology for the Incorporation of the Gender Approach in the Mexican Microfinance Institutions MEGIM), Faces and Voices FDS AC (where she created the campaign against poverty I look, I know, I act), and Oxfam Mexico, where she was a consultant for the project Building an integrated approach to inequality: indigenous peoples, rural populations and women victims of violence in Mexico

She obtained the Leadership Scholarship from the MacArthur Foundation through the Mexican Society for Women's Rights AC (SEMILLAS) and the recognition "Women investing in women" by the same institution. She is part of Generation 54 of the Global Women in Management program: Advancing Women's Economic Opportunities sponsored by CEDPA and EXXON MOBIL.


Organisation: Teatro Cabaret Reinas Chulas AC (Mexico)