Dear All
We hope you will find the time to complete the attached Survey in the next three weeks (October 29 - November 23). The purpose of this Survey is to feed in civil society perspectives to a project being run by UNDP/OHCHR on developing a Global LGBTI Inclusion Index. We need civil society voices to help guide how LGBTI will be measured when it comes to international development!!

A bit of background: As you probably saw, earlier this year governments adopted new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to run from 2015-2030. These build on the eight Millennium Development Goals that ran from 2000-2015. Now governments need to be measured on how well they are actually implementing the SDGs. And this requires a solid framework of indicators and statistical data to monitor progress, inform policy and ensure accountability of all stakeholders.

While the final text of the SDGs does not mention SOGIEI or LGBTI, UN agencies consider these populations as being intrinsic to the general population and deserving of the protections afforded in international human rights law. Therefore, UNDP together with OHCHR are developing a Global LGBTI Inclusion Index that will show how well governments are delivering on these goals to LGBTI populations.

The Survey (links in six languages below) will give you an opportunity to feed back to the UN on how you want this Index to be shaped. The proposed development index takes into consideration four aspects of "LGBTI Inclusion”: Economic Well Being, Political and Civil Participation, Personal Security & Violence, and LGBTI Health.

For each of these areas, the Survey asks how you think a government’s development agenda should be measured when it comes to LGBTI people. For example, do you think it’s important to measure income disparities compared with the general population, or perhaps it should include a measurement of the presence (or not) of non-discrimination laws in the labour code, or maybe it should include police training on LGBTI issues. On each of these areas you will be asked: how important you think this is as a way of indicating LGBTI person’s development.

How we collectively answer will help UNDP and OHCHR decide what matters to LGBTI people on development.

This is the time to shape the Global LGBTI Inclusion Index!

We need your voice now to help guide how we will be measured!!

So, please do take the time…


André du Plessis

ILGA UN Programme and Advocacy Manager


Please take the Survey (6 languages) below:

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Link to Chinese Form
Link to the Context Note in Chinese:

Link to French Form
Link to the Context Note in French:

Link to Arabic Form
Link to the Context Note in Arabic:

Link to Spanish Form
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Link to Russian Form
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