The 2022 ILGA World Conference report is here!

Dear friends, We are proud to launch ILGA World’s report on our 2022 World Conference!

We wrapped together our empowering days in Long Beach, CA, United States, when we gathered under the theme “LGBTIQ Youth: future present change”.



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For almost three years, we were separated from our chosen family with only screens to keep us connected. At ILGA World, we have been extremely proud to have created an opportunity to be reunited at last: our 2022 World Conference in Long Beach, CA, United States has been one of the first occasions in which our global LGBTIQ community could gather together again, share their best energies, and reconnect with fellow human rights defenders from all around the globe.


“Covid-19 is only one of the crises that our planet continues to face.  But a conference like ours has been a much-needed reminder that we don’t have to fight alone: our struggles intersect with those lived by others, and weaving alliances is now more important than ever. Our LGBTIQ communities are here to unite, not to be divided.”

Our 2022 World Conference in the words of Tuisina Ymania Brown and Luz Elena Aranda, ILGA World Co-Secretaries General


“With 137 sessions in five days, together we took a deep dive into our common struggle to power progress for all. This conference marked also the first time that three States’ Special Envoys on LGBTIQ human rights attended the conference together. From the United Nations, three Special Procedures mandate holders and the Youth Envoy joined the conference, too. In a moment of increased, concerted attacks against our rights, such statements of commitment and solidarity are more important than ever.”

Our 2022 World Conference in the words of Julia Ehrt, Executive Director at ILGA World


An event of this magnitude is not possible without the tireless work and the generous support of many. A heartfelt shout-out and thank you goes to the It Gets Better Project, our volunteers, and InterAct.Events – as well as to the Chairing Pool, our Board members, and ILGA World staff, consultants, and junior consultants who kept the conference engines running smoothly. Most of all, our thank you goes to all the LGBTI activists around the world for the time and energy they commit to advancing LGBTI equality everywhere. We are in this together!!