ILGA World Conference 2022: the story behind the theme and the logo

LGBTIQ youth: future present change is our 2022 World Conference theme. How has it inspired the conference logo?

For the theme, we started from the concept of change, something that – we can all agree – our world has never needed more than now. Covid-19 is only one of the emergencies that our planet is facing: climate change, sexism, racism, social injustice, economic disparities are only a few of the deadly presences we are battling against. Crises build upon the damages made by other crises. Those who are already marginalised end up struggling to survive even more.

LGBTIQ communities have always stepped-up in times of hardship, and we are again called to bring radical, positive change. Youth have been a crucial presence in social justice movements: the way they mobilise others, speak truth to power and weave intergenerational alliances is a powerful force for our community, and society as a whole. LGBTIQ youth are our future. They are also our present. And together we can change the world.

Our theme was borne out of this thinking. But how to tell this visually?

We wanted our logo to speak of youth in a way that is intersectional and inclusive. We wanted it to show that involving youth would bring positive change into our movement and the world at large. And we wanted to indicate that the ILGA World Conference 2022 is a space for the whole lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer movement, coming from all over the world and from all walks of life, is included.

ILGA World and It Gets Better worked together with Joey Donatelli (Instagram: @joeysunnydesign), a non-binary queer designer based in Baltimore, to turn words into pictures. Our logo was born.


Here is how the designer describes it:

“The “Southern California skater”-inspired logo draws inspiration from the irreverent yet playful tones of the style of the skater imagery – an iconic part of youth culture in LA. The logo is a subtle celebration of this youth culture and the intermingled relationship it has with rebellion and queer activism.

Designed with the idea of “future, present, change” in mind, the left side of the logo uses ILGA World’s colour palette with the Los Angeles sun (or flames) around our current world, with the warmer tones making a rainbow and signalling right to a less chaotic, queerer future.”

A perfect logo for the ILGA World Conference 2022, and the change we all want to see!

The ILGA World Conference 2022 will take place in Los Angeles, CA, United States from 2 to 6 May 2022. You can now apply for a scholarship until 17 January 2021 (new deadline!) 27 January 2021, or propose a session until 10 January 2021 (new deadline!) 20 January 2021. Registration for paying participants will open in May 2021.

Follow our website for all updates, and join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #ILGA2022LA!