Queer Youth Dialogues: Deconstructing barriers & eliminating binaries - the intersectional power of LGBTIQ youth


Register to join us on Tuesday 22 March for the next event of the Queer Youth Dialogues Initiative, addressing deconstructing barriers, eliminating binaries, and the intersectional power of LGBTIQ youth!


Date: Tuesday 22March 2022 
Time: 3pm CET 

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image displaying LGBTQI+ flag and people with information about the event and flags of organisations.

Image displaying LGBTQI+ flag and people with information about the event and flags of organisations


What does the future of intersectional activism look like as the social, political, and cultural practices "aligned" with expectations of two binary genders are challenged and decolonized?

Join us as we invite an inter-generational panel of Youth Activists and representatives from a variety of organizations working at the intersection of youth, gender, and decolonisation.


Session objectives:

By joining the session:

  • participants will have increased knowledge about how feminist movements have been adapting and including the views of the current generation of young people about gender roles and identities
  • connections are made between LGBTIQ and feminist activists 
  • attendees will deepen their knowledge about decolonisation and LGBTIQ rights
  • LGBTIQ youth are empowered and inspired to engage and influence the conversations that impact their lives


Follow this link to read more and register for the event


The Queer Youth Dialogues are a series of programmatic events, trainings, and connection opportunities which invite LGBTIQ+ young people from around the world to engage, build capacity, network, and share their experiences. The Queer Youth Dialogues are facilitated in partnership with ILGA World, the UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth, the Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and the Global Queer Youth Network

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