Join our guidance webinars on session proposals at the 2024 ILGA World Conference
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The next ILGA World Conference will take place in November 2024, and you can play a part in shaping it!

ILGA conferences are diverse and engaging because much of the content is developed and offered by our members, LGBTI organisations and other partners worldwide. You too can contribute to the programme: submit a session proposal by Sunday, 20 August 2023, 23:59 Central European Summer Time (CEST) - NEW DEADLINE!

 To help submit your session proposal, ILGA World is providing guidance sessions both to its member organisations and the general public who are interested in proposing a session or two for the 2024 ILGA World Conference.

During these sessions, our team will answer your questions on workshops, seminars, panel discussions and Rainbow Talks at the 2024 ILGA World Conference. We will offer key insights into what makes a successful session proposal, and help you navigate the session proposal form. Whether this is your first time submitting a session proposal or you have done so in the past and not been successful, these guidance webinars will help:

All sessions will be held on Wednesday 19 July 2023, at

Are you ready to propose a session at the 2024 ILGA World Conference yet? Visit this page: