Tuisina Ymania Brown

Tuisina Ymania Brown (she/her) is a proud a trans fa'afafine woman of colour from Samoa living and working in Brisbane, Australia on the lands of the Yagara nation and its traditional owners. She is a survivor of child rape, spousal gender-based violence and abuse, racial profiling, and anti-trans violence and persecution throughout her life and has become a fierce advocate for the trans movement.

She is an accomplished public speaker, a former intellectual property attorney, and a working mum to two adopted sons, and has recently become a grandmother. She has over 10 years of volunteer experience in international NGOs, and currently heads ILGA World (co-Secretary General) with affiliations with Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice (current International Advisory Board member), Global Interfaith Network on Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (former Co-Chair), Samoa Fa’afafine Association (former Technical Director), Copenhagen2021 (former International Advisory Board), and the International Trans Fund (former co-Chair).

She is currently the Strategic Adviser/Project Lead for Equality Australia / Sydney World Pride helping to deliver their vision of the largest ever human rights conference in the Asia-Pacific region as part of Sydney World Pride 2023.

organisation: Pacific Human Rights Initiative (Samoa)