Your time is precious. And so are your skills.

Becoming a volunteer with ILGA World is a way to invest them in the global fight to end human rights violations against lesbian, gay, bisexual,

trans and intersex people, while being exposed to the workings of an international non-governmental organisation. It is a chance to gain personal growth, and to do good.

(photo by SKECCIO on Pixabay)

volunteers at the 2016 ILGA World World Conference (ph. Jacuzzi News)

What can you do, you ask?

You could help us translate our reports, maps and documents (in most cases from English to other languages), and help us disseminate them, for example.

Or you could proofread them.

But you could also support us as a graphic designer in laying out our publications.

Or make your videomaking skills available, and help us shoot video interviews or clips
for online campaigns.

And you could also help us monitoring the international press, participate in our online communities, support our researches with your expertise, or loan your skills to an area of our work.

Each contribution matters: get in touch with us.
We are already grateful for your support!