"Women moving forward together": the fourth issue is here!
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The Women's Committee of ILGA World is proud to present the fourth issue of Women Moving Forward Together – a magazine created with a feminist approach to tell the story of how LBTIQ women have been, are and continue to be a driving force in the history of our movement. 

In this issue:

  • Spotlight on LBTIQ women who lead LGBTIQ organisations in ILGA World
  • Olena Shevchenko and the NGO INSIGHT fighting for LGBTIQ+ people’s rights in Ukraine
  • Insight into an Italian lesbian, jurist, transfeminist’s daily fight for LGBTQI+ rights
  • Regional platforms for LBTQI+ women's human rights advocacy: LESLAC - Red de organizaciones de lesbianas y mujeres bisexualas y cuir de América Latina y el Caribe
    and the EurocentralAsian Lesbian* Community
  • 2022 ILGA World Conference: Women Pre-Conference and Lesbian Pre-Conference


The cover of the 'Women Moving Forward Together' by ILGA World shows a group of people on a stage


Download the fourth issue of the
Women Moving Forward Together magazine
in English – in Spanish


Every two months, the magazine will explore the work of women leading ILGA World member organisations and offer insights into how LBTIQ women have historically pushed for change. It will also highlight the dedicated advocacy work of ILGA World, and list some opportunities for funding directed to LBTIQ groups.

ILGA Word’s Women Committee is currently chaired by Cristina González Hurtado (from the member organisation Corporación Femm; Colombia), and formed by Sandra Kwikiriza (Fem Alliance Uganda, Uganda), Brenda Rodriguez Alegre (STRAP – Society of Trans Women Philippines; Philippines), Teresa Fernandez (Red de Mujeres Lesbianas y Bisexuales; Cuba), Maria Nailevu (Pacific Sexual and Gender Diversity Network; Tonga), and Angelica Polmonary (Arcigay Modena; Italy), while the position of representative for North America and the Caribbean is currently vacant.

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