The ILGA World Conference is the largest global gathering of LGBTIQ changemakers

Since the 1970s, ILGA World Conferences have brought together
LGBTIQ leaders and activists from all over the world.

They have been fundamental events for our movement ever since,
and are moments to shape the life of our organisation.

ILGA World is queer democracy in action, and it all starts at ILGA World Conferences. Join us! 

The 30th ILGA World Conference, hosted by the It Gets Better Project, will be held in LA Long Beach, California, United States from to 2 to 6 May 2022.




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We are a revolution for inclusion

Change! Our world has never needed this more than we do now.  Inequalities cut across our world, and we need to put an end to social injustice and economic disparities.

We are shaping the world

LGBTIQ communities have always stepped-up in times of crisis - called to bring radical, positive change to support and protect our communities. Today is no exception.


Future present change

LGBTIQ youth are key to this much-needed change. They are a positive force to our movements and our world. Not just for the future, but right now. We need to build intergenerational bridges that will allow us to walk together, forward.


LGBTIQ youth: future present change
is the theme of the 2022 ILGA World Conference